Flex Release

Flex was released at 20:00 on 0/02/2020 with 20 tracks that brought it very close to 2.0 hours worth of music.
With all that random cosmic allignment going on, it should’ve been a 2ndMOUSE release =)

There are some very unique hybrids on it, and if you listen to Capable Beast
or Sit Rep  you’ll know what I mean. It’s a fresh sound for me, and one that I don’t know how to define, except to say that they have  a “swagger”and a confident stride…..comfortable in their own skin.

I’ve been really surprised by the reaction to Broken things as people, new to Carbinax,  hear that track and are struck by the fact that I’m trying to merge different worlds, to make something that stands out.
I’ve always had a bit of a rebellious streak, and I never tend to follow the herd to copy what others are doing. There are exceptions when some influences are hard to get away from because they allign with the direction I was going anyway.
I’ve always leaned towards working with contrasts and juxtapositioning, to merge things that were never intended to be merged and combined. I love taking things out of their natural environment and re-interpreting them or letting them play in a space they were never meant to be in. An example would be taking a baroque piano concerto , slicing it, rearranging it, and framing it with a warehouse d’n’b beat.
That was the effect I was after with Broken things, as I merged a the sounds of an Indian Santur with the sounds of urban technology and modernity.

Igloomag have always been kind towards my music, and once again had some very nice things to say.

“”Carbinax is back once again, the prolific mastermind simply can’t keep still. We’re always excited to hear where he’ll take his sound next and with Flex (featuring 20 explosive tracks) we see similar IDM and experimental electronic activity. This time focused on elevated melodies and modular madness meshed with thickened blips and bleeps, there are well-oiled rhythms that fans of early Brothomstates, Plaid, and Bitstream will easily digest. Somehow I can’t help but wonder if Flex could have been broken up into two releases as its avalanche of heavy breaks, bass, techno, acid, and busted electronics is a dizzying array that while standing perfectly upright, could have been split in two with just the same amount of energy. Nonetheless, each track ebbs and flows with a nostalgic viscosity that can’t be ignored. Some tracks are polished to a higher luster than others and peppered vocals make an entrance rounding the sonic machinery. Ultimately, Carbinax nails with a heavy hammer—a vivid and intense collision of electronics that maintains its own inertia as another massive self-released highlight.”

— Igloomag, February 2020

There may be other reviews, but as usual, my promotional skills leave a lot to be desired, and I’ve had a near total studio overhaul in the past month, with a new PC in the last week.
I spent solid days, from morning to night just installing VST plugins, and then all the image and video software, and have only just got everything more or less ship-shape enough to pick up where I left off.

You can find Flex HERE 

During the course of Flex, I rediscovered my love of Acid House and Detroit Techno and have been producing two albums in tandem.
The other album , which as yet has no name, is already half-finished and will be much more groove-oriented as that Detroit Techno / Acid House side of me has a renaissance.

In the first wave in the late 80’s, I was dancing to it.

In this next wave, I’m making it.

Look out for it. More news about it in due course