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Blank Canvas

With the onset of a new year, I always look forward to that feeling of future potential. I was forced to look at my PC and it dawned on me that it’s just not a “spring chicken” anymore. Time for a change.

For the last 14 years I’ve shuttled between 2 i5 PCs. One with 8gb ram, and the other more recent one, with 16gb. Both were similar chip speeds of around 2.8ghz, and generic onboard graphics. I got to the point where I was bouncing everything to audio to avoid CPU processing

I’d post a photo of the new system but it’s very unassuming, in a plain case. I was initially wowed by all the transpatent cases that looked like Neon aquariums for goldfish, but I decided horsepower was much more important than aesthetics.

In 2024 I’ll be working with……..

The 1tb partitioned HDD was replaced with 2 x 1tb SSD. There are also various external drives ( one is 12tb ) 

In short, if you enjoyed what I’ve made while struggling on very low spec PCs, my new  PC makes the old ones look like pocket calculators.

I’m not exactly sure how I’ll be releasing future material as I’ve become very disillusioned with social media and the algorithims employed to benefit their overlords, rather than individuals like you or me. What they consider “relevant” is subjective to them, and all I’m seeing on my feeds are ads, sponsored posts, and fortune cookie confucious said “blah blah blah” posts. 
They aren’t a vehicle for music promotion anymore.
We need something new.

It’s a similar story with soundcloud. I remember a time when you couldn’t find a space to leave a comment, but now, if you see “nice” or “sssick !” on someone’s track, it’s a rarity. 

I’ll continue making music in the meantime. How it gets released …….that;s a question for another day……next year =P

With that said, I wish you a happy and prosperous 2024 =)