Cult48 – Intricate Cyphers

I released Intricate Cyphers on November 4th 2022, which, at the time of writing is almost 3 weeks ago.I should have dropped an update about it here, but I tend to suck at routines, and do things when I get around to doing them. It’s who I am, and I’ve […]

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Cult48 New Album — “From The Ashes”

“I’ve never heard anything sound so much like Boards of Canada that isn’t Boards of Canada! – Igloomag, January 2021(igloomag.com/reviews/cult48-underground-signals-from-an-unknown-place ) “nothing has sounded quite so BoC since BoC themselves, just adding fuel to the fire of just who is getting this beautiful sound out there. To not only emulate with […]

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My Cult48 Tracks

In order to go forward, I need to lay out a bit of detail. I’ve alluded to the fact that about 80% of the Cult48 music, was created by me.  I made 17 of the released tracks completely on my own. 100% Carbinax ( in stealth mode ).Those tracks are : […]

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I’m Cult48

I’m Cult48   Yes. You read that correctly. Why am I revealing this ? Well, go make a coffee and I’ll explain. I’ve thought long and hard about it for weeks, and it’s been a very difficult decision to arrive at, as I weighed up the pros and the cons, […]

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Give My Regards To S.P.E.C.T.R.E.

Way back when I worked under the name 2ndMOUSE, I made a track called “Give My Regards To S.P.E.C.T.R.E.”. I dont’t remember the year I made it, but it was prior to 2010. I think I’ve learned a lot in those 11+ years, and I love occasionally taking an old track […]

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Mantis 2.0

Blog, General

I started Mantis a long time ago. From what I can gather, it was sometime around 2004, so it was originally a 2ndMOUSE track that appeared on a really early ad hoc album that was kinda thrown together in those really early days when giving away a free track was […]

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Lion Eyes ( Half A Scissor Mix )


Carbinax has been quiet for a long time. For various reasons.Paradoxically, there’s never been a time when I’ve been more enamoured with the process of making music, and I have been making a LOT of music, and then just kinda storing it, instead of actually releasing it.I think I know […]

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Wow. It’s been a while.I haven’t posted anything here in months, and it’s clear that I struggle with routines and  just never been one for being regimented and adhering to a rigid structure. I completely understand the necessity for that, and I have the biggest respect for those that can, […]

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Found Sound 2

Found Sound 2 has been released on Touched Records.I have a track on it, and I’m fortunate and privileged to join a host of truly creative artists, some of whom I’ve admired for years. As milestones go, this one is pretty special to me. I was reviewed by Graham Massey […]

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