My Cult48 Tracks

In order to go forward, I need to lay out a bit of detail. 
I’ve alluded to the fact that about 80% of the Cult48 music, was created by me. 

I made 17 of the released tracks completely on my own. 100% Carbinax ( in stealth mode ).
Those tracks are :

1. Deep Calls To Deep
2. Emoti Sahara
3. Red Letter
4. On Diesel Verge
5. Harbinger
6. Counter Dream
7. Thunder My Companion
8. Arms Around The Whirl
9. Spider’s Web In The Rain
10. Gullbatross
11. Agfa Qi
12. Other Side Of The Coin
13. Inqui
14. Zenith
15. The Relief Of Shade And Shadow
16. Defang
17. Pelican Ridge

I own those tracks, and have every right to admit ownership of my own music, and WILL be re-releasing them. This is indisputable as I have the DAW data tracks that prove they are entirely mine, right down to the last speck of analogue dust on the virtual vinyl. They are also PRS registered under ny name. 

The Cult48 bandcamp page was deleted ( and not by me ), and my work along with it. I am therefore revealing these details to explain the “fault line”, and what lies on either side of it, so you know what can, and cannot, be Re-released. If the Cult48 bandcamp page was still there,  I wouldn’t be revealing these details at all, but, to go forward, a clear demarcation line has to be drawn in the sand.

Concerning the rest of the tracks, there were another 8 Collabs that I made about 80% of. Again, I have the DAW projects as proof of this, but, because another member was minimally involved in their composition, I have no interest in using those and those tracks are now irrelevant to me. I also did all the mastering on all releases.

Regarding the artwork : beyond saying “yeah that looks good” or “nah, I’m not feelin’ that” , it isn’t something I worked on, so I have no desire to use that either. That was yesterday. This is today.

The reason I’m doing this is to explain that as much as I’d like to re-release EVERYthing, ( because the fans deserve that after buying the music ), I cannot.
Even if I made 80% of some of those other tracks, I will not release someone else’s music as my own, or without their explicit permission.
Those kinda things have a habit of coming back to bite you on the ass. Those Collab tracks are not ‘entirely’ mine, and not ‘entirely’ theirs either. I therefore have zero interest in using them in any way. 

The remainder of the tracks ……..well, let’s just say some of the early decisions weren’t made by me. My lips are sealed, apart from to say that I loved those tracks, and they were made by fine, and very deserving artists, and I wish them every potential success.

So there ya go. 17 tracks that I made 100% of, and WILL  be Re-releasing. Along with the re-releases, I will have some new remixes, and some brand new tracks that I’m very excited about ( just off the top of my head….Elazarus , Palmera Caminante, and Golden Ratio are a few I’m working on )

So, if you love what was already released, stay tuned here, and at my Carbinax  Bandcamp  

Also, feel free to support my work here on Patreon 

Thank you =)

More music soon !!