Goodbye Annie Nightingale

Goodbye to Annie Nightingale I’ve just heard the saddening news that Annie Nightingale has died today after a short illness. Alongside David Bowie, her good friend, January has now deprived me of 2 of my favourite people. I always loved Annie because she had that same crate-digger mindset that John […]

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Blank Canvas

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Blank Canvas With the onset of a new year, I always look forward to that feeling of future potential. I was forced to look at my PC and it dawned on me that it’s just not a “spring chicken” anymore. Time for a change. For the last 14 years I’ve […]

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Rogue Data

Rogue Data by Carbinax Flensic 2.0 is a very old friend. I have no idea why, but I love this track. Actually, I do know why……….it’s the mystery. Sometimes tracks take on a life of their own, and have their own inpenetreble persona. If I could sum up Flensic 2.0 […]

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I’ve always wanted to make an ambient album. I’ve felt like I sat at the feet of artists like The Orb, Biosphere, Cinematic Orchestra etc….for years, and thoroughly enjoyed their masterclasses in minimalism and restraint, and how to be as economical as possible with as few elements, and I understood […]

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Cult48 – Intricate Cyphers

I released Intricate Cyphers on November 4th 2022, which, at the time of writing is almost 3 weeks ago.I should have dropped an update about it here, but I tend to suck at routines, and do things when I get around to doing them. It’s who I am, and I’ve […]

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My Cult48 Tracks

In order to go forward, I need to lay out a bit of detail. I’ve alluded to the fact that about 80% of the Cult48 music, was created by me.  I made 17 of the released tracks completely on my own. 100% Carbinax ( in stealth mode ).Those tracks are : […]

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I’m Cult48

I’m Cult48   Yes. You read that correctly. Why am I revealing this ? Well, go make a coffee and I’ll explain. I’ve thought long and hard about it for weeks, and it’s been a very difficult decision to arrive at, as I weighed up the pros and the cons, […]

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Give My Regards To S.P.E.C.T.R.E.

Way back when I worked under the name 2ndMOUSE, I made a track called “Give My Regards To S.P.E.C.T.R.E.”. I dont’t remember the year I made it, but it was prior to 2010. I think I’ve learned a lot in those 11+ years, and I love occasionally taking an old track […]

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