Cult48 – Intricate Cyphers

I released Intricate Cyphers on November 4th 2022, which, at the time of writing is almost 3 weeks ago.
I should have dropped an update about it here, but I tend to suck at routines, and do things when I get around to doing them. It’s who I am, and I’ve kinda learned to embrace that lack of order as my own “anti-routine” routine …..lol…..I do random spontaneity better/
I didn’t know whether to release Intricate Cyphers as an extended EP or a Mini-Album. I still don’t. It is what it is . I’ll leave the labels for others to decide.

The tracks are………

1. Laniakean 2.0 ( this is an updated version of Laniakean 1.0 which appeared on Carbinax “Snowglobe Citizen” back in 2016 . I knew there was more of that story to tell and always knew I’d come back to it. We are all Laniakeans. It’s about universality, literally.

2. Co-Sine is another one with a deeper meaning than would be immediately apparent. We know that all colour comes from refracted light, and light is the pure source. I’ve always believed music is refractions ( Distortions and mutated harmonics ) of a pure sine tone. Squarepusher said it well when he called his album “Music Is Rotted One Mote”, and I feel he was onto the same idea. I think somehow, that pure light and that pure sine tone are interconnected, and somehow, in a way that we cannot possibly fathom, God is there, everywhere, everywhen, as an unquantifiable personal force of unimaginable and immeasurable power. I could have called the track Co-Pilot and irt would have been ok to convey the idea that way, but I always liked that David Bowie line “Don’t you wonder sometimes, bout sound and vision” and wanted to connect it to that similar train of thought………..the wonder of it, and the mystery of it all.

3. Drones Saw Me ( This one is self-explanatory )

4. Elazarus – my own personal favourite from the release, and I arrive at that from many different vantage points in the track. I pushed the envelope here and it’s one of the most unique sounding tracks I’ve ever created. I tend not to make long tracks now. It feels self-indulgent to me, so to make a track beyond the 6 minute mark, it had to ALL be justifiable in my mind. and have a point to it. I’m like that in most of my work, but there’s usually a lot of stuff culled and pruned along the way to get the tracks to between 4 and 5 minutes usually. Quality Control . Elazarus however, just had something I’ll never tire of. I still don’t know what it is, but I think I placed it in a nice frame.

5. Moto-Neuron ( Here be intricate cyphers )

6. Quint Asimov ( Here be intricate cyphers )

7. The Magic Number ( this track is brought to you today by the letters C , U , L , T and the numbers 4 and 8 )

8. Are You There ( Inner Core Mix ) – This emerged out of the bones of something else. It had a really interesting beat, and I tried and tried to make it fit. I EQ’d it to smithereens, I compressed it, crushed it, and threw all manner of FX at it, but it just didn’t feel right , but then thanks to Brian Eno, I took an Oblique Strategies approach to it and wondered if the beat was essential, or whether it just masked the core track, so I binned the beats and was happy to hear that it worked well and could stand on it’s own without them. The outer core was chucked, and the Inner core remained. The track is getting at the question……am I, are we, the sum total of our doings, or, our be-ing, and connected to mindfulness in the present moment we find ourselves in……..

Intricate Cyphers is available HERE