Carbinax – “Flex” update

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The new album from Carbinax is called “Flex”, and it’ll be released in a little over 5 weeks, after Martin Boulton’s ( Chieftan of Touched Music ) Mixlr show

There are currently 16 tracks, clocking in at around the 82 minute mark. It’s a very densely packed album with a huge amount going on underneath the unusual melodies, and definitely seems to have it’s own distinct personality as an album.

I plan to add one or two more, but there are a few that aren’t 100% guaranteed to make the cut, and may be swapped out for something else if they detract from the flow too much.

Tracks so far are :

1,   Hide And Seek
2.   A Bridge I’m Happy To Burn
3.   Crab Nebula
4.   Detente
5.   Broken Things
6.   Capable Beast
7.   SitRep
8.   Northbound In A Green Sedan
9.   Red Tape
10. Fotograf
11. Hessian
12. Aqualung Fury ( Redux )
13. Lightcycle Ride Along The Sea Of Simulation
14. Neverfail
15. Time Flies
16.  Myriad Starguard
17.  The Last Time I Saw Your Face

As always, I’m excited about an album release as it’s my first album release in a full year, and battled various health issues during the making of it, so as well as opening a door for others to hear what I’ve been working on for such a long time, it’ll be nice to close the door to this chapter, and begin the process all over again.

Incidentally, that process is already well underway as I’ve been writing another album in tandem with this one. No name as yet, but it’ll be a lot more groove-oriented than a normal Carbinax album.

Hope yo see you at Mixlr on Friday 13th.