New Carbinax album – “Flex”

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New Carbinax Album - "Flex"

I’ve had a few single releases during the course of 2019, but compared to previous years, 2019 was relatively quiet, with only Above and Beyond released on Touched at the very beginning of 2019, and Imagineer released in May.
There were a few standalone tracks on various releases since May, such as…..

Carbinax – “CapableBeast” on Neo-Ouija compilation “Cottage Industries 9”

Carbinax – “Machinations” on Intellitronic Bubble  Oh Shuper 005 
This was also released on limited edition 10″ vinyl

Carbinax – “Crab Nebula” on Intellitronic Bubble Oh Shuper 006
Again, released on limited edition 10″ vinyl

I’m probably producing more than ever, but I think I just felt like kicking back and taking a short break from album releases,
Black Friday happened, so I had even more new acquisitions to learn and new upgrades to figure out.
Then Christmas happened, and we all know normal life is just suspended while everyone contributes to the annual turkey genocide.

So here we are at the beginning of a new year. My favourite time of year. anticipating Spring and it’s associated “New-ness” is the time of year I feel most optimistic and creative, and not just a new year, but a whole new decade. 

2020 Vision in 2020.

Flex started out as “Flexing My Photons”, and this idea grew from the scene in The Matrix where Neo confronted the agents and made their bullets fall to the floor. Then He breathed and the world around Him expanded.

It was that idea of expansion that I tried to encapsulate in “flexing my photons”,with me becoming technically more proficient , but the more I thought about it, it just sounded so nerdy.

Matrix 4 had also just been announced, and as I’m a huge fan of The Matrix Trilogy, the Matrix imagery was probably on my mind too. 

I imagined Charlize Theron approaching me at the Global Electronic Music Awards and asking what my new album was called, and me replying “Flexing My Photons” whilst praying for a hole to open beneath me, and I just thought “NO”, so I shortened it to Flex, which is still a kernel of the original idea, and just fits a lot better on an album cover, and I don’t have the problems The Orb had with “The Huge ever-growing pulsating brain that rules from the centre of the ultraverse”

I’m aiming at releasing Flex towards the end of February / beginning of March. No precise date yet as I’m still adding the last tracks and finalizing  it.
I’m really excited about releasing new material, as always. 

I also have more tracks lined up for the release that will follow Flex. 
With the resurgence of the tb303 in its various forms from Roland and Behringer, there’s been a bit of an acid renaissance and as I grew up with acid and Detroit Techno in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I found myself wanting to do that again, so I plan to release an album of solid 4/4 tracks that are more groove-oriented, and just”built to make you move” rather
than”built to make you stroke your beard whilst contemplating the universe”.
I’ll release more details about that as it happens, but I have some pretty huge tracks earmarked for that release.

Plenty to come in 2020 !!  =)