Flex – Review by Igloomag


“Carbinax is back once again, the prolific mastermind simply can’t keep still. We’re always excited to hear where he’ll take his sound next and with Flex (featuring 20 explosive tracks) we see similar IDM and experimental electronic activity. This time focused on elevated melodies and modular madness meshed with thickened blips and bleeps, there are well-oiled rhythms that fans of early Brothomstates, Plaid, and Bitstream will easily digest. Somehow I can’t help but wonder if Flex could have been broken up into two releases as its avalanche of heavy breaks, bass, techno, acid, and busted electronics is a dizzying array that while standing perfectly upright, could have been split in two with just the same amount of energy. Nonetheless, each track ebbs and flows with a nostalgic viscosity that can’t be ignored. Some tracks are polished to a higher luster than others and peppered vocals make an entrance rounding the sonic machinery. Ultimately, Carbinax nails with a heavy hammer—a vivid and intense collision of electronics that maintains its own inertia as another massive self-released highlight.”

Igllomag , 3rd March 2020

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