Mantis 2.0

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I started Mantis a long time ago. From what I can gather, it was sometime around 2004, so it was originally a 2ndMOUSE track that appeared on a really early ad hoc album that was kinda thrown together in those really early days when giving away a free track was […]

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Wow. It’s been a while.I haven’t posted anything here in months, and it’s clear that I struggle with routines and  just never been one for being regimented and adhering to a rigid structure. I completely understand the necessity for that, and I have the biggest respect for those that can, […]

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Found Sound 2

Found Sound 2 has been released on Touched Records.I have a track on it, and I’m fortunate and privileged to join a host of truly creative artists, some of whom I’ve admired for years. As milestones go, this one is pretty special to me. I was reviewed by Graham Massey […]

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Going Underground

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last updated here.I could go into a lengthy version of why, and did type out the full unabridged version, but then deleted it all and decided on a TL:DR version instead. In short, a usb SD card reader , presumably removed […]

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