Wow. It’s been a while.
I haven’t posted anything here in months, and it’s clear that I struggle with routines and  just never been one for being regimented and adhering to a rigid structure.
I completely understand the necessity for that, and I have the biggest respect for those that can, but the only thing I have any kind of a system in, is music, and I can now reveal a little of what I’ve been doing over the past number of months.

Up until now, my system was that I basically closed my eyes and picked a track from one of 6 folders, so the track could have been 15 years old or 15 days old, and I worked on it until my ears were tired, or I needed to work on something else, or, during the course of working on one, I used a particular synth which sparked off another idea.

I got tired of forgetting about great tracks that I loved, and discovering them years later, so I came up with the idea of building a database.
So, I’ve spent the past few months opening every track in those 6 folders ( I think I may still have others ) and consolidating parts, colouring them ( I’m synesthetic and see sound in colours so I have the tracks all colour-coded now, and can tell instantly if a part is bass, lead, pad etc…..just by the colour), and entering details such as percentage complete, genre, bpm, and a critique of what needs to happen for the track to be completed.

After a few months of doing about 5 tracks per day, I’ve finally reached the end of the database, and I can tell you I have 500 tracks, and I’m working on ALL of them, simultaneously.
I’ve hinted in the past that it may have been around that figure, and I’m sure some thought  I might have been  exaggerating, so………here’s a screenshot

They’re all in alphabetical order, and If you look in the very bottom left hand corner, you can see the 500.

I’m already reaping the dividends of working this way as I finished 4 premasters in one day, just from simply knowing where the tracks were and what stage of development they were at.

I’ve paused briefly to write this, and then I’m straight back into it again.
If you are a Carbinax fan, you can feel excited because in terms of production, I am on fire, and working faster, cleaner, meaner, better stronger, and sounding more and more like a Daft Punk lyric.

I’m aiming at May for the next album, but, I might ( no promises ) be able to release another album or EP before then if I’m working at this speed and intensity.

I’m super-excited, and if you’ve been following what I’ve been doing on the last few albums, I’m confident you’re gonna love what’s coming. 

Stay safe out there !!