Found Sound 2

Found Sound 2 has been released on Touched Records.
I have a track on it, and I’m fortunate and privileged to join a host of truly creative artists, some of whom I’ve admired for years. As milestones go, this one is pretty special to me.

I was reviewed by Graham Massey of 808 State in Computer music magazine many years ago. I was to a certain degree, ( although unknown to them), the Northern Irish Promotional arm for Orbital, and got a lot of people to buy “Chime” which made them so popular in Belfast in the mid 90s that they came here, and loved it so much that they named one of their tracks “Belfast”. I never met them, but I’m glad to have played a small part in their rise to fame. 
I’ve also now been remixed by Brian Dougans of FSOL 3 times.I hope someday to return the favour =)

All these things were way off my radar 10 years ago. They would have been just impossible to think of, never mind to actually accomplish. 

I now find myself among 808 State, Seefeel. Humanoid, , the Future Sound of London, Orbital, Velum Break, Ruxpin, Dialed, Karsten Pflum, Plaid, Michael Fakesch ( remixed by Boards of Canada) , Luke Vibert, John Tejada, and many more.

Amazing work by everyone involved, and the album is currently sitting on the Electronica No.1 slot on bandcamp after only 24 hours

Such a stellar lineup……..so grab a copy. get some great music, and help Macmillan cancer relief bring a bit of respite to people unfortunately facing a horrible and hard-fought battle.

Listen To Found Sound 2 HERE 

Thank you !!