“Imagineer” Review by Igloomag May 2019


“Carbinax continues in a prolific pursuit to release some of the finest electronic music over the past several years, and Imagineer is no different. 22 tracks in all, this is another behemoth collection that features a wide assortment of what the Belfast-based artist is capable of.

This rugged, robust, and well-rounded album features a plethora of sonic slices that fans of classic IDM-era music by Plaid, Brothomstates, and Proem will certainly be attracted to. And this is perhaps the one characteristic that Carbinax consistently details in each of his releases—the well-rounded factor is always prevalent. Each piece maneuvers through layers upon layers of IDM genres and sub-genres, from ambient to breaks, from experimental to downtempo, from glitch to techno and rave elements—one can easily absorb the raw energy that is funneled through each track. Highlights such as “Adventures In Telepathy,” “Venn Diagram (InterMix),” “Indian Drive,” “Lungtree,” “Mion,” and the inspiring closure “Impossible Girl,” deliver peaks of perfection when it comes to sheer emotion and effective motion.

While Imagineer fires on all cylinders, one has to wonder how much juice can be pulled from Carbinax’s machinery as he continues to extract unique melodies, rhythms, basslines, and beats that are utterly uplifting. Quoting the artist, “Earth and stars, skin and bone, blood and sweat, spit and sawdust, shaping ether and spirit into malleable melodies,”—we couldn’t agree more

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