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I’m very happy to once again be on yet another piece of vinyl.

I remember growing up, having a record collection of about 4 or 500 albums and 12 inches. I miss them from a tactile point of view, and the experience of putting the needle on the record, and I miss the bizarre cryptic messages the engineers who pressed the records onto vinyl used to etch into the inner ring, and in some far-off distant fantasy, I entertained the notion of actually being on a record myself……….and then POP ! the bubble burst as my teacher threw a duster at me or something.

However, back to present day, and this bubble won’t burst.

Intellitronic Bubble is a label ran by Lee Norken and Arni Gretar, and for the second time now, I find myself on one of their vinyl records as their little boutique “Oh Shuper” collection extends to number 006.
This time, the track is “Crab Nebula”, and it’s me going back to that Detroit Techno sound that I love. It’s a very definite nod to Juan Atkins and Derrick May, but I’ve also retraced my steps and brought a nice 303 Acid riff.

I’ll never get tired of the sound of Detroit Techno or Acid as I grew up in that scene, in those halcyon days when it felt like the future. Listening to those older tracks now brings evokes great memories, but the actual recordings themselves haven’t dated so well as they were some of the first tracks to be made in computer-based studios, and the technology has evolved so much since then. Audio is much louder, and reproduced much more faithfully and accurately, due to higher fidelity soundcards etc…..

My goal with “Crab Nebula” was to evoke that same feeling I got when I first heard “It Is What It Is” by Rhythm Is Rhythm, “When We Used To Play” by Blake Baxter, or the incredible “Techno Music” by Juan Atkins.

All 3 of these tracks were so important to me, and I almost feel like my DNA was overwritten when I heard them, and that they were a catalyst that unlocked something within. I always felt this way about “The Model” by Kraftwerk about 10 years prior to this.

It’s a certainty, that I wouldn’t be the same person at all if I hadn’t heard these 4 iconic tracks, and Crab Nebula was an homage to that sound, and to the potency of those memories.

Alongside my track are 3 others by lllcanblo , Milieu, and Dusklark, and even though the 4 of us had no idea we would one day sit alongside each other on the same disc, all 4 tracks have a very homogenous flow, and sound, to me at least, as if they were all always meant to be sitting on this same piece of plastic together.

It was a very limited run of 30 copies, and at the time of writing there is maybe only one copy left, but there are still infinite amounts left of the digital download in the usual wav / flac / mp3. To hear it, just click that button below.