“Acquiesce” review by Igloomag December 2014


Playful, articulate electronics, melodic and nostalgic, 2ndMouse returns with Acquiesce. 18 audio snapshots shed raw energetic synthesizer acrobatics which bubble to the surface from start to end. “Chroma” and “Fissure” are prime examples of Chris M’s sweet yet tactile approach to cohesive electronic music. Sliding to and from polished mechanical sparks, Acquiesce offers Middle Eastern motifs (via “Battlemech Engage”) and interspersed low-end glitches among tangled noisy bits. Techno tentacles unravel themselves as particulate matter settles on weaving basslines courtesy of “Everlearn.” Vocals pepper Carbinax’s rendition of the thumping funk beats displayed on “Stealth Mode,” a promising 2ndMouse alter-ego.

Veering into dancefloor friendly themes with a certain Brothomstates flare, Acquiesce generates sonic propulsion and an apt stream of evocative, moving and gritty musical tapestries. A thorough cross-section of malleable and upbeat electronic music venturing through chiseled techno shapes.

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