The Database


It’s taken me months, but I’ve finally catalogued all the tracks I’m currently working on. I should have done this from the start because it was a ton of work, but, if there’s a wrong way of doing things, you can be sure I’ll usually try that first =P

Up until now, I used the “lucky dip” approach, where I just opened one of 5 folders and plucked a random track to work on. I literally closed my eyes, scrolled and worked on the one the cursor landed on. While that was obviously very rock ‘n’ roll , I knew good tracks were being forgotten about, so I started my database using the simple power of spreadsheets. It’s much less fraught with danger than throwing TV’s out of hotel windows, but it’s just one more thing to do on top of being my own archivist, mastering engineer, cover artist, videographer, session musician, producer, mixer, arranger, composer, promoter, tinker, tailor, soldier, spy……….
I even occasionally have to make my own tea !! 

So…….after making mouse-clicking an olympic sport, I catalogued 418 tracks.

It’s a good number that I’m sure Sesame Street skipped.

I opened every one of them, and brought each one up to speed. Some of these tracks are 10 years old, andchannels were in the red, patterns were all over the place and needed consolidated, vsts were missing ( because I’ve just changed to a new PC, and I’ve had to install hundreds of VSTs as well ), and then I had to colour everything.

A few who know me might recall I have some kind of synesthesia and see sound in terms of colour, so Kick is black, bass is blue, hats are yellow and so on…….so I had to do all these things for 418 tracks !!!

Then I recorded each track on the database with Name, location , style, bpm, percentage complete, a brief description, and if it has been mastered.

All 418 are release-worthy and will be released.
I’ll be working on ALL of them simultaneously. I don’t work on one exclusively until it’s finished. I work on ALL of them, like an artist adding a dab of blue to one painting, then putting another on the easel and adding a little flesh colour etc……
I work this way until 1 is finished and I’m happy no more can be added and my vision is as fully formed and 3-D as I can make it. 

There were a lot more but I binned the useless ones.

The upside of all this for YOU, is that the Carbinax conveyor belt is now gonna be running like a well oiled machine.
All those good tracks that were buried, are now locked ‘n’ loaded, and releases will come thick and fast, so I’m good for at least another 20 albums……at least !! 

The next album will be predominantly Detroit techno / acid, and I have some great remixers onboard for that too. After that, there will be an ambient album, and I’m thinking about tracks for the album that will come after that, and another album that will be released on Touched in 2021