Syncopation under Isolation


What a bizarre place our world is right now……
If someone would have told me before Christmas, that half the world’s population would be in self-imposed isolation within 4 months, and practically everything would be closed, I would have laughed in their face, but, as we know, this is precisely what has happened. 

I’m a glass half full kinda guy so it’s been a battle to obtain the pure objective facts whilst constantly having to fend off the overwhelming daily onslaught of the global “Eeyore” we know as the News Media, as well as the rumours and unfounded opinions from “armchair experts” with their PHDs in soap operas, or cardigans………sheesh.

Whether a pessimist or an optimist, the actual “glass” is the same for everyone. Some choose to focus on all the negatives of covid-19, and some choose to stay centred on the positives. I fall into the latter category. 

I’m amazed at humanity’s ability to adapt to it all, and how we face it with humour, and I love the strange irony of social distancing actually making us all feel closer and more communal than before as we clap for the NHS, watch online concerts, livestream etc……

I’m enjoying seeing whole families out for walks together, hearing the wildlife that was drowned out by the constant sound of traffic, seeing no contrails, breathing cleaner air, and loving watching society continue to flourish as people adapt, and see necessity as the mother of new inventions.
David Bowie was right on the money when He called life a “best selling show”

I had planned to only reference the pandemic in a small way as there is enough talk about it elsewhere, but it’s nice to be a rebel of optimism and paint it a bit more positively.

I am an only child, so life as a very young kid, was solitary, and that may have something to do with my drive to create as I was very imaginative and always found ways of entertaining myself, whether it was drawing E.T. or making Star Wars bases from cardboard boxes and toilet roll tubes.

As you now know, I call myself an Imagineer, and this time is especially creative for me, with multiple projects on the go.

Right now, I’m building a database of all the tracks I’m currently working on, and at the time of writing, I am working on 263 tracks, simultaneously. I’m working on ALL of them, and every single one will be released.

Next up will be an album of Detroit Techno and Acid called “Gone To Ground”. After that will be an ambient album, which is as yet, untitled.

I’ve wanted to make an ambient album for a while now, and I tested the waters a bit by placing the more ambient tracks as the final tracks on my albums. Tracks like Floating , The Last Time I Saw Your Face, and Impossible Girl have been some of my most popular, which came as some surprise, so I think it’s time to explore that avenue and see what happens. 
One thing’s for sure……I won’t be listening to anyone else’s idea of what ambient is. I’ll be creating my own world and have already made Electronic Southern Blues.

That’s all for now. If you got this far, thank you for reading. I appreciate you and your support.

Be well, and keep you and your loved ones safe =)