Lion Eyes ( Half A Scissor Mix )


Carbinax has been quiet for a long time. For various reasons.
Paradoxically, there’s never been a time when I’ve been more enamoured with the process of making music, and I have been making a LOT of music, and then just kinda storing it, instead of actually releasing it.
I think I know why, and a recent brush with am inexplicably random near-fatal PC catastrophe was the catalyst I needed, to get me back on track.

Unless you’re an artist you maybe won’t fully understand the amount of things someone like me has to multi-task to stay afloat.
The opportunities are amazing, but so many of these things would have been handled by a record label, manager, publicist, in-house promotions team etc…..so, me, a musician, has to learn to do all these other things as well, and that’s not where my strengths lie, so although I have good music, delivering it to you in such a way that also satisfies me as an artist, is something that until now, I haven’t been very good at.
It’s just not satisfying to release a track and get a handful of plays and no comments, when “Harry-hands-in-the-air” is blowing everyone away with his edm megamix and getting comments like “this is soooooo dopeeeeee !!” and “godlike” etc……so I just stopped releasing things.
I had much more engagement 10 years ago, before facebook, before twitter, before the current clowncloud ( soundcloud was good once……….don’t get me started !! )

I know the fault lies with me. I’m haphazard, spontaneously random, and decide to do things on a whim, rather than be consistent.

Take this website for instance. This is the 1st time I’ve written a post in about 5 months, possibly more.
I’ve also shied away from self-promotion because I’m not the kinda guy who likes to brag and boast, and because of my misconception about what promotion is, and isn’t, my work has suffered, and after recently hearing the term “Own my value”, it resonated with me, and I now know that promoting my work is NOT the same as promoting myself, and my intention now is to engage in “work-promotion” rather than the indulgent “self-promotion” we are told we have to engage in.
I’m not promoting my self. I’m promoting the music that I somehow channel.

It also doesn’t help that I’m so easily distracted. Always have been. One minute, I’m drawing LFO automation and the next “oh look…there’s a pigeon !”

So, to summarize, the PC scare got my attention, and now I’m focused.
It woke me up, and if it hadn’t been for the intervention of a friend, I would have lost all that stored music, and it would never have been heard.

I’ve now decided to release it, and I’m starting again.
This time, I’m making this website the central focus, rather than ceding all control to facebook, because if the same thing happens to facebook that happened to myspace, that’s a lot of time wasted talking about brexit, politics, lambo or ferrari etc……rather than promoting my work.

All this is a pretext to say, here’s a track I worked on last night.
It’s an older track that I revisit every once in a while and add a little bit more to. It’s quite a bizarre track. I like Glitch, but only when it has structure and there’s a pattern to it.
I really don’t get artists releasing something that sounds like an orchestra of broken AM radios all tuned to static.
I guess there’s every possibility that’s what “Lion Eyes” sounds like to some =)
There is structure in it. There are patterns and polyrhythms.
Interwoven into the beat tapestry is a Detroit Techno bassline, sliced, serrated and coaxed into more angular versions of what they were originally.
It’s not release-quality. It just is what it is, and while I’m between projects, it’s nice to change focus and work on it, and put it out there in the hope that it resonates with you as much as it does for me.


I’ll be releasing more soon.
In the meantime, subscribe to Carbinax.com and stay up to date with all the imminent releases.

Thanks =)