Carpe Diem !!


I’m currently siezing the day by avoiding Covidiots and working on a mountain of tracks. Not exaggerating.
If minutes and seconds were feet and inches, my tracks laid end to end would probably equal the height of Everest.

I’m working on over 400 simultaneously. Yes….all at the same time. 
To put this in some kind of context, I just released my 21st album, and there are around 430 tracks on all those albums combined, so I have enough material for at least another 21 albums.

I’m working on tracks for album no.22, which will be released via Touched in 2021. No title as yet, but I have a lot of the tracks about 90% finished, and it’s shaping up to be a strong release.

Additionally, I’m working on the tracks I release at the end of every month on Patreon, which I really enjoy.
The deal with Patreon is, I make 2, sometimes 3 tracks per month and, as a way of supporting Carbinax, Patrons pay £1 per month to get access to the tracks, which are exclusive and made only for Patreon.
As well as completely new tracks, sometimes there are exclusive remixes of older tracks that I’ve felt merited a fresh coat of paint.

I started Patreon in January 2019 and to date, there have been 57 tracks given away exclusively on Patreon, including a rare 30 minute liveset, and last month a track that won’t appear on Touched for months.

I work just as hard on these tracks as I do on my albums. so for £1 a month ( obviously pay more if you want ) I think it’s ridiculously good value. 
These tracks will never get released outside of Patreon, and they won’t come around again, so if you consider yourself a fan of the music I make, can you afford to let these just slip past you for £1 a month ??

Become a Carbinax V.I.P. on Patreon

To give you an idea of the quality of the tracks I’m giving away, I made this short teaser